What We Do

 Combined with our wood storm windows, this window system will last longer than

replacement windows, be nearly as efficient, and retain the original beauty of your windows.


Wood Storm Windows


Mortise and tenon construction


  • Cut from Fir lumber, a hearty, warp resistant wood, virtually knot free
  • Primed and painted twice for long lasting finish
  • Can be glazed or designed for easy seasonal glass to screen replacement
  • Individually measured, fabricated, and installed



Window Restoration

  • Each window sash is removed and repaired
  • A groove is cut into each sash to accommodate new zinc sash metal on both sides
  • An additional weather strip is placed at the top, middle, and bottom of sashes
  • New window stop is installed
  • Existing blind stop is altered with slotted grommets for seasonal changes
  • Priming and painting is optional


Commercial Storm Window

  • Protect stained glass and  other historic windows
  • Add insulating value to the building
  • Retain the historic value of the elements
  • New pulley ropes installed if needed.